440x255 mm

  • Artnr: RD.POLAR.02
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Measures: height 440 mm, width 255 mm
Water flow direction: verticale


Intermediate size radiator. Perfect for average weather temperature and valid for all engine powerplant from TAG/KF to shifter. POLAR radiator line – fully built with top aluminum material. Radiator Mount built in Aluminum alloy with multiple adjustable positions (left-right, up-down) to allow an ideal set-up on the chassis. Offered complete of air profile/wngs and air side extractor to increase to the maximum the efficiency despite limited dimensions. The position of the front profile/wings can be managed by the driver according to engine temperature, to the point that it can be completely covered as needed for the first approach on a very cold engine or during the winter season. In the new version ULTRA the water flow has been optimized thanks to new streamlined water tanks.